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Building completely renovated historic house in Igualada , both outwardly maintaining the facade for its great historical value and internally performing a complete renovation of the entire building for habitation and subsequent sale .


Building located in the center (old town ) next to City Hall and Basilica of Sta . Maria , C / Santa Maria No. 12 and Pasage of San Miguel No. 2.


The building has 4 apartments with high quality finishes and open spaces :


- 1st 1st consists of 48,95 m2 plus 20,16 m2 of attics .

- 1st 2nd consists of 49,15 m2 plus 16,06 m2 of attics .

- 2nd 1st Duplex, consists of 78,95 m2 plus 10,75 m2 of attics .

- 2nd 2nd consists of 49.15 m2.

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